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Kentucky Real Estate License

“What do I need to know about obtaining a Kentucky real estate license online?,” you ask yourself. Well we have answers to all of your questions. Read on to learn more about becoming a licensed real estate agent in KY.

The Kentucky Real Estate Commission only requires a 96 hour class to get a Kentucky real estate license. Of course if you are really motivated you can choose to devote up to 8 hours a day and possibly finish in only a couple of weeks (or in as little as 12 days). You do have to complete every activity so completion time can vary slightly, but could a better situation exist than to have a completely flexible schedule? Don’t have much time right now, but want to get started? You can take up to 6 months to complete the entire course.

You do have to pass a proctored exam and it is the only part of the class you can’t take online, but we even make that easy because you can take your proctored exam at any number of locations. Locations may change over time, but we’ve had students test in Ashland, Bowling Green, Campbellsville, Elizabethtown, Erlanger/ Northern Kentucky, Frankfort, Georgetown, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Lebanon, Louisville, Madisonville, Mount Sterling, Owensboro, Paducah, Pikeville, Shelbyville, Somerset, and Shepherdsville. If none of those locations will work for you, we can even try to find a proctor in another location. We’ve had people in other states who will be moving to Kentucky that didn’t even have to travel here for the exam because we found them a proctor in their current city.

If you have decided to take the plunge and go after your dreams, let’s discuss why you should choose hboThornton’s Real Estate Academy. There are many real estate schools in Kentucky to choose from, but nobody and we mean nobody gives you more value for your dollar. What makes us better than any other real estate school? For one not only are we the only Kentucky Pre-License education provider who currently offers the required 96 hour Pre-license course online, our founder and instructor Todd (Renegade) Thornton was a successful real estate agent and broker before focusing his attention on improving the quality and availability of real estate education. He knows what it takes not only to pass the exam, but also how to be a successful agent. Did we mention he’s also the author of two real estate books and been on numerous radio and television shows?

“I’m not that computer savvy, how difficult will this class be?” You ask. Can you read and follow directions? It’s as simple as that. You read the text and we guide you through the course. I must mention to keep you from getting bored; we have included over 40 hours of video and audio clips, electronic flashcards, matching exercises, and quizzes. Oh yea, if you get stuck on something, no need to fret, Todd (The Renegade) Thornton and the Real Estate Renegade Team are here to help. We are a call, fax, email, or instant message away. We always respond as quickly as possible. Remember the Domino’s slogan, “It’s delivered in 30 minutes less or it’s free?” We won’t give you a free pizza, but we will certainly give you our attention as quickly as we can. Our response time and level of service are unmatched in online real estate education.

All of our online classes are delivered at our learning management website. Click below to register. 96 Hour Pre-license tuition now only $699!


Are you wondering if you have the right computer or Internet connection? A high speed connection is required to register for any of our online courses. Even a slower DSL connection (256k or lower) may cause you to experience wait times as videos and other multimedia resources load. Now, I guess if you wanted to use us as an excuse to run out and buy that top of the line computer you have been dreaming about, you can, but any modern computer with an updated web browser should work just fine. However, if you’ve been wanting to buy a new computer anyway, we will not take responsibility when your spouse/significant other gets the bill. If you have problems with your computer and our course, our computer technical support will give you their best effort to have you up and running in no time.

Do you want to know what’s included in the class? While the Kentucky real estate education you receive will be priceless, we are also going to give you online access to Principles of Real Estate Practice textbook (a $50 value!), a personalized certificate upon completion and an extra special bonus a 90 day post license training!valueman We really need a superhero spokesperson (Dollar Man) to explain just how much value you’ll receive as a student of Thornton’s Real Estate Academy. Here is just a partial list of what students receive from the #1 online real estate school in Kentucky:

  1. Free Online Textbook  (Principles of Real Estate Practice) with associated audio files  
  2. No Pass No Pay Guarantee on Exam ($100 value)
  3. Electronic Flash Cards ($25 Value)
  4. Online Searchable Glossary Available 24/7 ($25 value)
  5. Audio Clips (Streaming and MP3 files) for Real Estate Exam Prep ($50 value)
  6. Available online 24/7- Start today and work at your own pace. (Priceless)

I know you’re not going to believe this but we have even more benefits to offer. In case you happened to skip over some parts of this article here are more benefits:

  • No driving to class so you save lots of time and you save big money on gas.
  • You can start right now. Registration is easy. Start in 5 minutes or less.
  • Our class offers up to date news, examples and relevant real estate stories.
  • Our students are prepared for more than just passing the real estate exam.
  • We have interactive study material including 40+ hours of video/audio.
  • Classes available from anywhere (home/work) you have Internet access.
  • You don’t have to take off, use vacation or quit your job to attend classes.
  • It’s self paced so you attend when you have time. (Flexible Scheduling)
  • You can always email or call to ask your instructor a question.
  • Students rave about our quick response time to technical support issues.
  • You can review any resource instantly and/or as many times as you want.
  • Finish in as little as twelve days (Must complete all resources/96 hours)
  • If necessary, you can spread the class out over a 6 month time frame.

We think we provide the best education value of any real estate school in Kentucky and students all over the state seem to agree. We’ve included a map below showing the location of students who accessed our website over one month. The larger dots represent more students.


96 Hour Pre-license tuition now only $699!

Kentucky Real Estate School

What are the Kentucky Real Estate License Requirements?

1- 18+ years of age                                                                                                                                      kyseal
2- At least a high school diploma or equivalent (GED is acceptable)
3- 96 Hours of approved real estate education (Must be from an accredited institution)
4- FBI Criminal Background Check (We provide info upon registration)
5- Pass the real estate exam (75% or higher)

Do most Kentucky Real Estate Schools provide any written guarantees? Well, we are probably the only Kentucky real estate school with such low tuition to also offer a *No Pass, No Pay Guarantee. If by chance you don’t pass the Kentucky State Real Estate Exam on your first try (Most of our students pass the first time with flying colors) we will reimburse you the test fee of $100.

What’s the catch? There’s no catch. Like our motto says “Information without the Overload 24/7.” We simply want to offer you reliable and useful real estate education at an affordable price available whenever you need it. Hopefully in return, you will pass our name on to anyone else that’s thinking about getting a real estate license or even better find someone that also wants to attend the class at the same time. And if you do, next year we will give you a free continuing education class to even further your real estate career. Here is the sign you have been waiting for.