Thornton’s Real Estate Academy (www.realestaterenegade.org/lms) was founded by Todd (Renegade) Thornton a few years ago with the following mission statement.

“To provide twenty- four hour a day easy access to inexpensive high quality real estate education training programs for both new and existing agents.”

Todd Thornton SydneyYou see, Todd was on vacation and still selling real estate in Kentucky from Australia (Hence picture from the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge) and thought wouldn’t it be great if anyone could learn about real estate at any time from anywhere in the world. This was before the days of Blackberries and I-phones so Todd was using Internet Cafe’s when traveling, but he soon set out to create the first of it’s kind online real estate training system. It would eventually lead to the first every online real estate courses approved in Kentucky. Now Todd even speaks at nationwide conferences of real estate instructors about both current and soon to available online technologies. At last count, we have logged people accessing our real estate websites from through0ut the United States and twelve different countries. It really shouldn’t matter whether you are in Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, or anywhere in Kentucky, you should have access to your classes when you want and that’s what we’re all about.

“Information without the Overload 24/7″

Today we are the largest real estate in Kentucky with thousands of students  having taken our online courses to either prepare them for a career in Kentucky Real Estate sales, make them ready to start/manage a real estate brokerage in Kentucky or to fulfill their continuing education requirements. Todd’s (Renegade) nickname comes from his desire to shake things up from the status quo and make real estate education both affordable and extremely easy to access.

Bottom line: If you are looking to obtain a Kentucky real estate license or get your continuing education for the year completed, you’ve found the right place. Rather than rambling on about ourselves, we’d thought you might like to see a few reviews from former students.

Thornton’s Real Estate Academy is by far the best. I’ve gained so much useful information on Real Estate to actually make my start in the business a much smoother transition. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering Real Estate licensure as you can go at your own pace and constantly have the support of the instructor.
Sarah- Taylor Mill

I think this is an excellent program and I could not ask for a better academic experience.
Heather- Pikeville

What an awesome way to attend real estate school. The course is outstanding and will meet anyone’s needs. I would highly recommend this class.
Lisa- Louisville

I took an online course when I first got my license in Kansas.  Your version is so much better, way more interactive, way more interesting.
Mary- Knoxville

The fact that this course allows you to work at your own pace gives everyone the ability to at least give it a try. And the fact that it’s inexpensive compared to other schools makes this one the best choice!!
Darrell- Owensboro

Great course. Made for people who can’t devote the time to sit in the classroom. My hat goes off to Todd and his staff for finally getting an online course approved.
Lannie- Bowling Green

I feel this course has well prepared me for a career in the Real Estate industry. I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting their Real Estate license. It was so informative, motivating and convenient. I absolutely loved it!
Becky- Nippa

Mr. Thornton goes above and beyond to make classes educational and entertaining.
Tina- Burkesville

I have been trying to attend real estate school for 2 years. I’m so glad I found this online course. It was so easy to access and I’m finally getting my license.
Sarah- Louisville

Your Realestaterenegade website saves time and provides us tremendous real estate knowledge. The website helps students get well prepared for the exam, future real estate career, or real estate investment knowledge.
My- Bowling Green

This program is great. It makes even boring material interesting.
Lesley- Ashland

I think this is the best way to get your training for the real estate exam.
Jeff- Columbia

Excellent class. I could work at my own pace and didn’t have to be away from my family on the weekends. Great experience and would certainly recommend to anyone interested in a career in real estate.
Joe- Scottsville

Information was extremely applicable to the real world of real estate.
Steve- Lexington

Todd’s online course is very effective. I can’t recommend this course enough.
Carlton- Glasgow

Excellent class. Great job in keeping the class fun.
John- Springfield

Better than any other real estate class I’ve taken. Video clips and stories really helped me relate to the subjects.
Lee- Nashville

It was a very smooth form of learning. I appreciated the witty, humorous, inserts into the literature as well as the quizzes.
Wilda- Mayfield

I have a very busy schedule and your online course allowed me to work at my own pace and stay home with my family. Thank You
Cheronda- Louisville

I’ve already recommended this course to three brokers in my area.
Ellen- Ashland

I was really impressed with the things on the computer –it was more enjoyable and better learning experience than reading.
Steve- Murray

I was very glad to find an Internet course for this program. I don’t think I would have been able to get my license otherwise. Mr. Thornton provides a great service!!
Kelly- Henderson

My education was completed at my leisure.
Donald- Crofton

This was my second class online with The Renegade, and I found it as easy and informative as the first.
Rubye- Brandenburg

I really got a lot out of the course v/s classroom.
Bill- Corydon

I DREAD CE every year–it’s 6 hours of sitting and hearing the same old thing–I gained more information out of this 3 hour course than in ALL CE classes for 15 years!
Elisabeth- Lagrange

My experience was excellent with this method of study, instructor was professional throughout!

This is the best class that I have ever went through it was informative, and well written. The study guides were awesome they helped so much.
Tommy- Paducah