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 If you have arrived at this page looking for a real estate course preview or detailed information about our current Kentucky Real Estate Courses, just hit the link above. If you’d like more information about “Online Courses vs. “Classroom” keep reading. For instance, did you know that most the most Kentucky Real Estate Schools don’t offer the entire 96 hour license course online? 

Fact: There are 14 different Kentucky Real Estate Schools approved by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) but 10 Don’t Offer The Entire 96 Hour License Course Online!

Which do you choose? Online or classroom. We’ve created a list of the Top 10 Reasons Why Attending A Kentucky Real Estate School “Online” is better than going to the boring “classroom.”

Kentucky Real Estate Schools

10- Overall, it’s less Expensive-  With gas at 2.50+ a gallon, you will likely save $100’s on gas driving to and from class. Not to mention extra trips to the fast food drive thru or high priced drinks/snacks from the vending machines. In addition, many of the online schools include extras that you never receive in a classroom setting.

9- It’s Easier to Schedule- With an online class, you don’t have to rearrange your schedule to fit into the classes. You attend whenever you want.

8- It’s Easier to Review- If you attend class in the classroom, if you don’t hear what was said, you can stop the instructor and ask them to repeat it, but you can’t go back and review everything they said whenever you want. With an online course you can review anything you want at anytime that’s convenient for you.

7- It’s not as Intimidating to ask a Question- A lot of people are afraid to ask questions in the classroom. In an online class, you just send an email or call your instructor directly so there’s no possibility of someone else making fun of your question.

6- Every Student is an Equal- In most classrooms, one or two students might try to take over the class or always have comments about everything. You’ve probably seen the situation we’re describing. In an online setting, everyone has access to posting information in the forums so there’s not one or two people who dominate the discussion.

5- It’s Friendlier for the Environment- You can print out whatever you want in an online course, but everything is also available online so you choose what you need to take with you in “paper form.” With an “in class” class, most schools print out volumes of paperwork (everyone gets every handout) whether a student wants or needs it.

4- It Makes you more Comfortable on the Computer- Let’s face it. Everything today is computerized including several tasks that buyers or sellers will want you to handle for them. The more comfortable you are on the computer, the more you can get things accomplished in a short period of time. Our online course has been the first serious computer exposure for several of our former students and now they are better prepared to use the web and software programs to help fulfill their client’s needs.

3- Passing Rates are Higher on the Real Estate Exam- According to ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials), online students scored 22% higher on real estate exams than their “classroom” counterparts.

2- You can Finish the Course Without Waiting- In most areas, you’d have to wait for real estate classes to start and then you’d have to attend either during the day or at night. Sometimes it takes months to finish, particularly if you have to miss class and wait for another class to begin so you can “make up” time. With an online class, you can start today and finish in as little as 12 days, assuming you worked all day on the class and you finished all the required activities. If something comes up and you need to take off, you don’t have to work around it because you can start the class back up whenever you want. Where else can you get this flexibility?

1- You Don’t have to Quit Work or Take Vacation Time- If you had to take off work to attend real estate classes, your employee would ask why you needed the time off. One of the only ways to accomplish that is taking the class online. If you want to keep your employer completely in the dark for now, online courses allow you to use pseudonyms for your publicly appearing information so your employer will never know what you’re doing in your spare time. If you attend a course in the classroom, one of the other students might know you or another employee at your company.

Kentucky Real Estate Schools


7 Reasons Why Real Estate Courses Can be Beneficial for Anyone

“Knowledge is Power”

Every minute people just like you and me are making the biggest investment decisions of their lives. They are buying, selling, and investing in real estate without any real estate education or knowledge. More time is probably spent on reading food labels than on learning about real estate. While knowing what you’re putting in your body is important for your physical health, knowing how to spend your money for real estate is imperative for your financial well being. Why should you want to know more about real estate? If you own a house or are ever going to purchase a house there are some things you should know. If you don’t then you better make sure your real estate agent has taken courses at a top notch school. Here are a few hot topics.

Reason 1: Using Real Estate as an Investment
Have you thought about investing in real estate? Whether you want to have an additional income, save for retirement, or put your kids through college, real estate investments are a great way to earn extra capital. Maybe you have put it off because just didn’t know how to find the resources and knowledge. We will give you the same education and tools required to make informed buying decisions.

Reason 2: Financing (Money, Money, Money)
Did you know that depending on what type of loan you qualify for could impact how much money you spend? Certain loans cost more than other loans. Learn how to keep more of your hard earned cash in your pocket. What about all of those “miscellaneous” fees? Where do they come from and what can I do to minimize them? We’ll answer those questions as well.

Reason 3: Contracts
Has, “What exactly am I signing?” ever crossed your mind? What are you agreeing to when you sign on the dotted line? Most of us have signed documents in the past without reading every single word. However, when you are making one of the biggest purchases of your life, don’t you want to know what every “little” thing you are agreeing to? Those words in small print could possibly have an enormous impact on your life.

Reason 4: Appraisals
Why should I pay $135,000 for a house when the one next door sold for $127,000? What factors determine a property’s value? Figure out how much your house is worth without paying hundreds of dollars for an appraisal. Small improvements may make you thousands.

Reason 5: Homeowners Insurance
With so many homeowners displaced from Hurricane Katrina aftermath, what do I need to know about my homeowners insurance policy? Is flood covered under my existing policy? And what does my credit score have to do with how much my insurance premiums are? Why does my neighbor with the same size house as I pay less for homeowners insurance? We’ll help you to comprehend your homeowners insurance policy.

Reason 6: Fair Housing Laws
What are they and why should I care? Were you aware that Fair Housing Laws apply to everybody? Not just REALTORS, mortgage lenders, and landlords? That’s right, even as a seller; you have an obligation to follow the Fair Housing Laws. In fact, most fair housing lawsuits are filed against the owners/not real estate agents. After all, agents should know the law. What other laws could you be in violation of? Find out more in an easy to follow online real estate course.

Reason 7: Negotiation Skills
Are you one of those people who know how much you want to pay when making a big purchase, but always end up paying more than you intended? There is a way to get what you want for the price you want. Consumers and sellers negotiate every day. But, if you don’t have the skills needed, you will wind up either losing money or losing the transaction. Anyone who is successful in sales will tell you that as the saying goes, “You have to know when to hold em’ and when to fold em’.”

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